Tidings of Troubled Times by Manish Tewari





Title: Tidings of Troubled Times

Edited by: Manish Tewari

Publishers: Palimpsest Publishing House

ISBN : 978-93-82622-239

MRP : `300

Binding :  Paperback

Category : Nonfiction

Number of pages : 222

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About the Book

Tidings of Troubled Times: This collection of articles sheds light on the conflicts and fault-lines of the contemporary world – President Trump’s rejection of American multiculturalism, the long trail of terrorism, a right-wing surge in India, China’s emergence as a global bully, dangers of an instable Pakistan and Kashmiri militancy. Incisive and penetrating, and written with verve, the articles lend clarity to our understanding of the world around. For everyone concerned about the turmoil all around this book is a must-read.

About the Author

An eminent Supreme Court lawyer, Manish Tewari is an articulate public figure. He is among the most visible political personalities on television. He held the portfolio of information and broadcasting in the second UPA government headed by Dr Manmohan Singh during 2009-14. A distinguished Senior Fellow with Atlantic Council, Washington D.C., he regularly writes for some of the leading newspapers in India. This is a collection of his articles published in 2016–17. Among the areas he largely focuses on are the challenges before the judiciary, turmoil in the Kashmir Valley, India-Pakistan ties and China’s new assertion. Many of these articles appeared in the Indian Express, Hindustan Times, the Asian Age, The Hindu and  the Quint .

The blurb : Manish Tewari’s writings stand out. His analysis is incisive and the attack on many domestic and foreign-policy issues unsparing. — HK Dua

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