Dilli Meri Dilli : Before and After 1998: Sheila Dikshit


Title : Dilli Meri Dilli : Before and After 1998

Author : Sheila Dikshit

Publisher : Palimpsest Publishing House

ISBN : 978-93-82622-24-6

MRP : ₹3000

Binding : Hardcover

Category : Nonfiction

Number of pages : 190

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About the Book

Dilli Meri Dilli : Before and After 1998 – Written by Sheila Dikshit, who was the Chief Minister of Delhi for an uninterrupted 15 years, this gorgeously produced coffee-table book sheds light on many known and little-known facts of Delhi life. With the help of rare and carefully curated photographs, it offers an engrossing narrative of the capital city’s journey over the centuries. The book focuses on the major landmarks – both historical and cultural – and meticulously traces Delhi’s evolution from the Mughal seat of power to British India’s administrative centre to the capital of the Indian republic.
In short, this book is a collector’s item.

About the Author

Sheila Dikshit was Chief Minister of Delhi for three consecutive terms starting from 1998. Previously, she had been a member of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s Council of Ministers from 1984-89