Anyone with an original work of fiction or a translation proposal can contact us.

First, send a query giving an outline of the book and explaining its merits.
A brief biographical sketch of the author along with a synopsis and the first ten pages of the work will help us assess it better.

For translation from other languages, one needs to submit:

  • A detailed summary of the book
  • Samples of previous work
  • Consent of the original author or the copyright holder.

If we find the submission interesting we will ask for the whole manuscript.

The response time varies depending on volumes of submissions.

There should be no phone calls or emails inquiring about the submission within the first two months.

No author should approach us with a half-finished work.

A nonfiction writer is required to submit:

A detailed proposal of the work explaining its scope and relevance.

Though we insist on a book being ready before the author contacts us, someone working on a biography, memoir, project of historiography can send a proposal when the work is still in progress.

We normally do not publish poetry or plays.

We prefer email submissions. But authors can also take the postal route.

A visit to our offices without a prior appointment to inquire about submissions should best be avoided.

We do not take responsibility for the loss of any material.

Every possible care is taken to assess the submission and get back to the author at the earliest.

For email submission: