Demonetization in the Detail by HK Dua





Title: Demonetization in the Detail

Edited by: H K Dua

Publishers: Palimpsest Publishing House



Binding: Paperback

Category: Nonfiction

Number of pages: 128

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About the Book

DEMONETIZATION IN THE DETAIL: The demonetization decision, announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi late on the evening of 8 November 2016 voiding the high-value banknotes from the economy, seen in perspective, was one of the most perplexing steps taken by any government since Independence. It set the stage for a period of chaos, confusion and suffering. As the months went by and the storm settled down, opinions were divided about the purpose and outcome of the stunning step. This collection of essays is an attempt to record the turmoil in all its dimensions. Different shades of opinion and views from every side of the table are put together for the audience to get acquainted with the strands of the debate.

About the Author

Edited by HK Dua, one of the best-known editors and commentators, this collection of essays puts together some of the most eminent names from the arena of politics and the academic world. While articulate politicians such as Suresh Prabhu, Sitaram Yechury and Manish Tewari look at the issue from their ideological standpoints, among the well-known academics    Arun Kumar, Bibek Debroy, Zoya Hasan and Anil Bokil bring a new perspective to the debate.

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