Victory Tea Estate by Sophie Judah



Title : Victory Tea Estate

Author : Sophie Judah

Publisher : Palimpsest Publishing House

ISBN : 978-93-82622-192

MRP : `300

Binding :  Paperback

Category : Fiction

Number of pages : 256

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About the Book

Sophie Judah’s Victory Tea Estate is an epic novel of love and betrayal set in the backdrop of tea-garden life in the years immediately before and after Independence.  An English planter falls in love with a young woman, a tea picker, without knowing that she is the illegitimate child of an Englishman. Without bearing a grudge against anybody, Chanda enters Templeton’s life, comforts him in moments of crisis, and raises their children. She defies conventions, suffers humiliation but finally earns everyone’s admiration for remaining steadfast in her commitment to the man she loves.


About the Author

Sophie Judah, who now lives in Israel, is the daughter of an Indian Army officer and once worked as an air hostess in India. Victory Tea Estate is perhaps the most fascinating tea-garden novel ever written. In praise of the book, eminent writer Namita Gokhale says, “This story of life on the old tea estates evokes a time and place with empathy and insight.”

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