Stars of South Asia from Oxford



Title: Stars of South Asia from Oxford

Author: Rob Walters

Publisher: Palimpsest Publishing House

ISBN: 978-93-82622-31-4

MRP: INR 500           US $25

Binding: Paperback

Category: Non-fiction

Number of pages: 252

Language: English

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Stars of South Asia from Oxford – This is the first book tracing the long tradition of South Asia’s future leaders and opinion formers being shaped by Oxford. From pioneering lawyer Cornelia Sorabji to modern author Monica Ali, via the young Indira Gandhi, what links them all is their relationship to the university town. This is a colourful telling of the stories of some of the remarkable South Asian individuals who left the gopura and onion domes of home for the dreaming spires of Oxford – and what they did with their degrees afterwards.

Jad Adams
Author, The Dynasty: The Nehru-Gandhi Story

About the Author

Rob Walters – With an MSc in Telecommunications from the University of Essex, Rob Walters worked as a telecom engineer and then in managerial positions. In 2005 he left telecoms to become a writer in different genres. His first book about the Hollywood actor Hedy Lamarr and her famed invention of technology that predated Bluetooth has inspired a number of films. He also writes about his adopted city of Oxford and regularly guides people around it.