Onam on the Yamuna Banks by KRG Nair



Author: KRG Nair

Publisher: Palimpsest Publisher

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ISBN : 81-922266-3-7 / 9788192226637

Binding : Paperback

Number of pages : 110

Category : Literature & Fiction – Short Stories

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About the Book

Every journey combines the trauma of separation with the excitement of discovery. The new people in town carry the past from a faraway home and face the uncertainties of arrival. During the day they struggle to adjust to unfamiliar life. By evening, longing for what they have left behind …

Onam on the Yamuna Banks by KRG Nair

About the Author

Born in Kerala, KRG Nair went to Collage in Delhi soon after Independence and over the years has become an inseparable part of the city’s academic milieu. A distinguished teacher, he was the Head of Delhi University’s Business Economics Department. A prolific writer on socio-economic issues, he recently published his memoir, Road Not Taken. Onam on the Yamuna Banks is Nair’s first foray into fiction writing.

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