Dr Karan Singh

In his persona and intellectual pursuit Karan Singh combines many strands of the Indian consciousness. Born as the heir to the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir in British India, he is steeped in traditions and spiritual values. A renowned Sanskrit scholar, he has surveyed and merged into the spiritual landscape with his deep appreciation of Sri Aurobindo, Paramhansa Yogananda, Anandmayi Ma and so on. And yet he is a modern man exposed to the Western influences, enjoying Elvis Presley and scorching rock.

Appointed Regent of Jammu and Kashmir at 18 in 1949, his life has been an integral part of the Indian journey since Independence. The accident of his birth and later, his own tryst with destiny brought him close to many remarkable personalities around the world. Among them are Nobel laureates, legendary leaders, radicals and revolutionaries. A distinguished parliamentarian, he is a prolific writer too. Meetings with Remarkable Women offers vignettes of a long array of personalities some of whom are household names. Through the sketches come out unknown sides of quite a few redoubtable women and also interesting slices of history.