Onam on the Yamuna Banks by KRG Nair

Krishnan Namboodiri had three sons. The second – Brahmadattan – was the most promising of them. A budding poet, his understanding of the finer points of Kathakali was perfect. The Namboodiris of Naduvam Mana in Chalakudy were highly respected. The young Brahmadattan’s fame, as a critic-connoisseur of classical dance, added lustre to the family’sreputation.

“Excuse me, Aniyan, where is the Namboodiri home?” strangers
would ask a boy at the bus stop. “We have come from Thriprayar
to invite Brahmadattan to our Kathakali festival,” the group
leader said. Proud of being the famous man’s neighbour, the
boy would probably escort the outsiders to the doorsteps of the
Namboodiri home…..